Solidarity Screenings – ONLINE in the Verziotheque until June 11

Solidarity Screenings – ONLINE in the Verziotheque until June 11

Moving Image and War in Ukraine

Fundraising for Ukrainian artists


The SOLIDARITY SCREENINGS program, presented in the framework of the symposium THE SEASON OF DARKNESS: Being Civil in an Uncivil Society, is available online between May 23 and June 11, 2023 in the Verziótheque, in collaboration between Verzió Film Festival and OFF-Biennale Budapest. The Solidarity Screenings program is a series of fundraising events in the framework of the initiative ESI – Emergency Support Initiative, supporting members of the artistic and cultural community in Ukraine finding themselves in need.


The Solidarity Screenings video program is a collection of thought-provoking works exploring the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, its effects and its perception. Each video has been created by a visual artist based in Ukraine, and all of the works were made after the start of the full-scale Russian military invasion on February 24, 2022.


The project aims to preserve and develop evidence, reflections, and feelings related to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Through their artistic reflections, the video creators offer unique insights into the impact of the conflict on the lives of people caught in the middle of a humanitarian crisis, forced migration, occupation, volunteer, and resistance movements.


The video program presents an intimate and raw portrayal of the artists’ current practices, featuring personal stories and attitudes. It explores the diverse ways in which the conflict affects the daily lives of individuals, families, and communities across Ukraine. The screenings foster awareness about the situation in the region and provide a platform for Ukrainian artists to share their perspectives and experiences with audiences around the world, offering their own interpretations of the complex political and social issues at the heart of Europe.


Solidarity Screenings program features the works of Anna Kryvenko, Alisa Sizykh, Bohdan Bunchak, Daryna Snizhko, Maria Matiashova, Vladyslav Plisetskiy, Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Khimei, Eugene Arlov and Diana Derii, Zoya Laktionova. Curated by Serge Klymko.


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