Area with bees

“Belgian architect Jan de Vylder said about one of his projects: »It’s beautiful because it’s not«. During university, we built small concrete retaining walls in our garden, but we couldn’t fix the formwork properly, so the walls have shifted, altering their originally designed straight form. Many people said: you messed it up. But it was all about coming upon a new method. Discovering what happens when we give more freedom to the construction process, so that a new quality can be created.” (AUW)

AUW would like to continue this practice 40 kilometres from the capital, on their own territory surrounded by vineyards and orchards. In this garden they will install traditional features characteristic of the neighbourhood’s typical weekend houses, except reinterpreted architecturally and supplemented with hives for their own bees. Several smaller pavilion-like buildings will be constructed that can function as community space, a space for one person or a garden kitchen. The first of these will be built this year within the framework of OFF, with a little help from their friends.

’The blueprint converts the freshness of the sketch into measurable proportions and figures, which can then be loosened up by construction to return to the original state of the sketch.’ (AUW)

Participating curators: