MENU imaginaire

What do you eat when resources are limited?

The project focuses on the future of alimentation. It makes us think about today’s food system issues through the future narratives of fine artists, food designers, philosophers and researchers.

Eating is an everyday and personal activity on the one hand; on the other hand it is a political and communal act influencing global processes. The works and research presented in the scope of MENU imaginaire approach the environmental issues that have arisen as a result of our lifestyle and consumption habits from the aspect of eating. The ideas of the participants are very diverse: there are projects that are optimistic, radically pessimistic, projects that reinterpret traditions or build on the potential of new technologies.

The works will be presented in the framework of a group exhibition and at soirées throughout the five weeks of the biennale. During these events, which combine the elements of theatre, performative presentation and dinner, the exhibiting artists will briefly introduce their projects. The mini-presentations will be accompanied by finger foods, complementing the intellectual content with sensual stimuli.

Supported by Summa Artium, Institut français de Budapest