The Litte Melting Pot

An eventful diorama

“Oh, you wide dike of Tihany: you were once the last hope of so many good Hungarians!”
Károly Eötvös

In the final days of the 1848-49 War of Independence, the revolutionary leadership ordered the Tihany Peninsula to be severed from the mainland so that the remaining troops could gather here to continue their resistance.

Tihany had previously been transformed into an island by environmental change and human intervention, but not in 1849: the plan of the ‘Hungarian Gibraltar’, the fortress of Tihany fell through. Still, the plan is a perfect projection platform for collecting the ideas that characterised the Spring of Nations; known to few today, these might have led to an alternative present. In other words: we shall imagine a nation’s utopia.

Applying the methods of experimental archaeology, we uncover stories from the first half of the 19thcentury that are still relevant today. Such is the idea of a multi-ethnic nation from the era of the beginning of nationalism. Good practices for the co-existence of different cultures from a country where the majority population was below 50%. A non-exploitative relationship to the environment from the time of the definition of national landscape and formation of tourism. Conflict between politically motivated Hungarology research and the search for truth in the early period of Hungarian scientific life. The rejection of warmongering in the heyday of the idealization of war, when tens of thousands marched to death in the name of the nation as an imaginary community.

Visitors enter into an installation full of performative elements where they can form new relationships with Central and Eastern European national myths and even shape them through various workshops.

Participating curators:

supported by Summa Artium, Subjective Values Foundation

Time 25.05 - 30.05