After the short and soon deflated optimistic era of the political transition, contemporary Central and Eastern European states are now being haunted by a specter long thought to have disappeared. The current far-right populist agendas that are flooding the political topography of the region and democratic systems all over the world, establish their xenophobic narratives mainly on the basis of an ill-founded and fraudulent ethnographic authenticity. By doing so, these nationalist movements have also occupied and co-opted national symbols, historical myths, and geocultural narratives for their own purposes. 

The art projects and works to be exhibited in the frame of the group show and the magazine project are aiming to reclaim the political monopoly of cultural narrative making so as to rebuilt progressive forms of thinking of origin and belonging. Whether it be the creative rechanneling of folk culture into contemporary (post-)digital discourses, the deconstruction of hegemonic nationalist aesthetics, or the rebuilding of utopistic hope both in the planetary and in the cosmic scale, these are all examples of xenofuturistic art praxes that are aiming to defeat the political and aesthetic strategies of contemporary nationalist ideologies.

Assistant curator: Daniel HÜTTLER
Project assistant: MAKÁDI Maya 

HUF – Bulletin of Cosmic Diaspora
HUF Bulletin is the number one source of news for the Cosmic Hungarian Diaspora
Editors: Daniel HÜTTLER, Zsolt MIKLÓSVÖLGYI, Márió NEMES Z.
Graphic Design: Márk FRIDVALSZKI, Marius WENKER
Texts and artworks: Burschenschaft Hysteria, BAJUSZ Orsolya, CSEPELI György, Verena DENGLER, Sylvia ECKERMANN & Gerald NESTLER, FRIDVALSZKI Márk, Ulrike GERHARDT, Mia HARRISON, Daniel HÜTTLER, KOMPOLTHY Zsigmond, KOMORÓCZKY Tamás, LAND 3C, Mahan MOALEMI, NEMES Z. Márió, Anne SCHMIDT, Martina SVOBODA & Katerina FREJALCHOVA, TILLMANN J.A., TRAPP Dominika, Suzanne TREISTER, and many others.

Venues: 1111 Galéria (1111 Budapest, Kende utca 1.), ISBN – books+gallery (1084 Budapest, Víg utca 2.)Cooperating partner: Kunsthalle Exnergasse – WUK
Supported by: Goethe-Institut Budapest, ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Budapest, Austrian Cultural Forum