xtro realm presents: ACLIM!

Agency for Climate Imagination

Is our national destiny coded in the disappearance of the Pannoniasaurus? Do we understand the evolution of the ecological crisis better by switching from human time to geological time? Making the most current ecological issues more accessible through artistic works in the form of a research series and a collection of objects, the exhibition seeks to answer such questions. Spending time in the exhibition’s library makes the broader context of the individual studies become tangible, as well.

In the shadow of the climate crisis, the search for alternative visions of the future is becoming increasingly urgent. It is not only a question of whether we survive but also in what kind of social framework it would happen. The exploitation of the ecosystem is driven by economic and political interests, which are not only responsible for the destruction of our habitat, but also impose a dominant constraint on the social imagination that could lead us out of this dead end. In order to unleash the social imagination seeking a way out of the climate crisis, i.e. the climate imagination, ingrained thought patterns must be discarded. The fine art research group of xtro realm initiates a dialogue between art and science and aims to set the climate imagination free in a research institute set up during OFF. However, this also requires a new ideal of knowledge, in which artworks also carry knowledge and help us with cognition, thus science, along with art, can show us new ways. The interdisciplinary, research-based works featured in the exhibition outline historical case studies and possible future visions. The stakes are no less than the survival of our home, a habitat so perfect for human life.

Participating curators: Horváth Gideon; Süveges Rita; Zilahi Anna

Supported by: Summa Artium, Goethe-Institut Budapest, FKSA