New date: 2021.04.23 - 05.30.

OFF inhales deeply and postpones the biennale in Budapest. Necessary decisions taken to contain the spread of COVID-19 also affects the new iteration OFF-Biennale Budapest scheduled for April, 2020. The event titled INHALE! will take place at a later date. “Just a month ago, when we announced the third edition of the OFF-Biennale Budapest, we could not have foreseen how current this title would be. The main objective of OFF is to present a local understanding of the political, ecological, and social crises engulfing the world. OFF’s twelve projects that were planned for this Spring are to demonstrate the role that contemporary art can play in emancipating our collective imagination to formulate progressive ideas and suggestions in response to the global phenomena that shape the entire planet.

Thus, the global crisis ensuing from COVID-19 could not be more pertinent to us in some respects. The thematics of every project at OFF closely relates to what has happened in recent weeks. The dependence on populist regimes, the undeniable presence of the ecological crisis, the importance of individual action, and the new societal opportunities in small communities are all topics about which we are planning to initiate discussions. As OFF’s core mission is to be vocal about the events unfolding in our times, it is for sure that you will hear from us over the next few months. We are of course also working on finding a new date for the third edition of OFF, and we will provide information as soon as we can.”