21.10 2:00 am
OFF for you

FKSE Marathon 2

Let's watch together the exhibitions of OFF-Biennale! Young artists and curators will held guided tours in the exhibitions that are related to FKSE - SYAA, the Studio of Young Artists Association. 

4:00 pm Holiday (Patyolat)
5:00 pm Bookfriendship (The headquarters of the Union of Steel and Metalworkers of Hungary - Vasas)
6:00 pm Gróf Ferenc: X̣ (acb Galéria)
7:00 pm The Artwork of the (2nd) Week: Vanishing Points 2.0 (FKSE)

Kérjük, részvételi szándékodat jelezd a zsambokim@gmail.com címen.

Participating curators: