07.10 2:00 am
OFF for you

FKSE Marathon 1

Let's watch together the exhibitions of OFF-Biennale! Young artists and curators will held guided tours in the exhibitions that are related to FKSE - SYAA, the Studio of Young Artists Association. We will travel on bicycle between the four venues but one ca join the tour on foot also, at any of the stops. After the tour we will join the program: The Artwork of the (2nd) Week - Flying Kayak.

3:00 pm | First stop: 1. ÁLLOMÁS: Holiday (Patyolat // PRÓBAüzem, 1082 Baross u. 85.)
4:00 pm | 2nd Stop:  For me, Trianon (Chimera-Project Gallery, 1072 Klauzál tér 5.)
5:00 pm | 3rd Stop: Sári Ember: The taste of distance (Intoart -contemporary gallery-, 1054 Garibaldi köz 3.)
7:00 pm | Final Stop: The Artwork of the (2nd) Week - Flying Kayak (KFKI  Observatory)

Please register: zsambokim@gmail.com.

The participation in the bicycle tour is at one's own risk. Please don't forget to bring your bicycle chain or lock. After the 3rd stop, we will leave the bicycles on Széll Kálmán tér and continue our trip via public transport. Please don't forget to bring tickets.

The guided tours will be held in Hungarian.

Participating curators: