27.10 2:00 am
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Mathemorphosis II. Creating Space

Everyday objects in a mathematical context, experiments in media art

Venue: ART BUDA Alkotóműhely
1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 2.

How can we create space in the world of Mathematics?

With the help of geometric objects and the computer game Snake we will learn about the basic forms of Topology: the cylinder, the Moebius strip, the torus,  the Klein Bottle. 
The Workshop will be held in Hungarian.

The workshop is a related program of Mathemorphosis: Common knowledge.

Participating curators:

The program will be led by Gergő Pintér.

Other participants: Lilla Váczi (media artist), Dóra Hamrák (Psychology student)

Date: October 27, 2017

Duration: 1,5-2 hours

For 15-20 participants.

Please register at edukacio@offbiennale.hu.

Further information: Szilvia Silye, e-mail: szylviasilye@gmail.com

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