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The intention of the OFF-Team is to show that contemporary art is a sensitive, insightful, and exciting form of artistic production worthy of attention, full of vibrant critique, and thus a means to finding relevant answers to current questions concerning us. Everyone with an open mind and in need of food for thought is invited.

We offer a wide range of art pedagogical programs so that every visitor can find a framework in which first-hand experience can be gained regarding how contemporary art contributes to a democratic society. Fundamental to the programs is the agency of the participator ― rather a partner in or an equal to the artist in the work-process ― as well as the notion of playing.

Guided tours

During the five weeks of the Biennale guided visits, city walks and bicycle tours are available on a regular basis. Beside artists and curators who know the works displayed best, occasionally the role of the guide will be assigned to people earlier not seen in such a position.

Workshops for schoolchildren

Art according to OFF is a laboratory of social change: new light is shed on familiar things, patterns of thinking and acting are reshaped; art distances that, which was unobserved, but also bridges it. 

In what ways do the approaches toward contemporary works of art enable the birth of new thoughts and designs, the deconstruction of preconceptions, and a perception of the transgressive possibilities of the individual and the community? – this is what the workshops are concerned with. What sort of inspiration comes from a specific artwork, and what constitutes the know-how transmitted?

The workshops are primarily suited for classes from public and private education or groups of homeschooled children. The attendance is free. Detailed descriptions on demand: Further information and registration is available through the website.

Gaudiopolis Workshop (children’s exhibition and workshops)

Beyond being a place of refuge, Gaudiopolis provided the trifold opportunities of education, playing, and being in a community. A mini-exhibition and communal space has been organized along these notions and is run by children whose lives are not entirely different from that of the creators of the original children’s republic. Here the artistic positions of the Biennale once again serve not just as a starting point but as a potential, that the children will consider the ideas of the adults, articulated in artworks and projects, but also reformulate, transcribe or even annul them. Although the workshops and events are exclusive, the objects and materialization of plans and ideas coming forth from the collective work will be presented to the public at the children’s exhibition. An explicit aim is to present the efforts, energies, and work – all socially committed and creating value – that is being done by NGOs in co-operation with disadvantaged children. In the long run from a few-in-numbers pilot-endeavor the workshop could become a permanent project.

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The main cooperation partner of this year's OFF Biennale is GfZK – Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig. The cooperation project is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.
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