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Mladen Miljanović: A Sweet Simphony of Absurdity performance

The making of the video necessitated cooperation with members of the THReNSeMBle orchestra. Each player performs his or her favourite piece of music. The Orchestra, as an embodiment of collective harmony, perform a concert to each member’s taste, creating an audio of collective discord. Sound as personal indulgence becomes a collective absurd and an element of torture.​

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Tomáš Vaněk: Particip No. 181, Field of Vision and Particip No. 182, Caption

In his work Vaněk models situations, manipulates them, puts new strain in relations, to make marginal relations more visible, to make the spectators feel insecure, to make them participate. „Particip“ became his base concept for action and intervention directly responding to a particular place or space.

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Svätopluk Mikyta: Homo Viator Sky

Even though most of us now spend our daily lives wandering around cyberspace, the printing press remains a revolutionary device for the dissemination of visual information.

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The presentation takes its vantage point from the phenomenon of synesthesia.

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Ellenállás rituálé

A man and a woman engaged in the martial art of vanity. Neither can see the other and both struggle against their own reflection in a square mirror.

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Black Theatre

​In her videowork and collages Kotátková reflects on social rules, expectations and propaganda strategies, which impose restrictive structures on the individual.

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Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan: When powerlessness becomes form

Through their geometric motifs, the traditional Szekler funeral pillar (Kopjafa) represent social status and different characters whose buried bodies they are guarding. In the framework of an open workshop a set of new elements are to be created to represent the expelled, oppressed, marginalized social groups of today's society.

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Vulnerable Yet Everlasting (Archive of Květa Fulierová)

Květa archívuma tematikus kategóriák szerint van elrendezve (a kronologikus felosztáson túl): amatőrökkel folytatott munka, utazások, kiállítások, család, stb. Július efemeráliákat — mindennapi tárgyakat — tartalmazó gyűjteménye mellett Květa munkája Júliussal való szeméyes életüket dokumentálja és archiválja. Míg Július a napi sajótermékeket gyűjtötte, Květa fotóhegyeket halmozott fel, amelyek nemcsak a családi fotóalbumot gazdagították, hanem Július később fel is dolgozta őket. A végterméket aztán papírra montírozta, és az eredmény így egy szerkesztett termék vagy művészi aktus lett.

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Ágnes Eperjesi: Words of Power

Words of Power 1 / Political speech-performances in Parliament Words of Power 2 / Political karaoke-theater Words of Power 3 / Public performance and discussion

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Fire in the Museum

The fire kept continuously alive for the entire duration of OFF is the Biennale’s symbolic community and audience-building project. Professionals and volunteers from the audience keep it alive and everybody is equally responsible that the fire should not sleep out.

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The OFF Drawing

Perjovschi draws witty and incisive political images, ironically addressing current political events and social phenomena.

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Performing Time

Ivan Moudov’s Performing Time is a video piece based on an almost 24-hour-long performance in which the artist moved the arms of a clock throughout a whole day without stopping. Not using any instrument, the artist followed his own subjective perception of time and his body took over the role of the clock’s mechanics. During the finally 23 hours and 15 minutes of the performance, requiring a high degree of concentration and self-discipline, a clock’s accuracy and objectivity are substituted with the demonstration of subjective time passing.

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Operation Hungary

In his large scale (308×555 cm) painting Miljanović uses strategy of simulation in mapping a potential route of “art occupation” towards Hungary with military iconography. He frames the work as “top secret operation”, making plans how to achieve infiltration in the Hungarian cultural system.