Project Zone

Project Zone continues its mission under the umbrella of OFF-Biennále Budapest. The aim is to collect and visualize Budapest-based independent and non-profit project spaces from 1989 up until today. The exhibition showing the research process as well as multimedia material will be framed by a site-specific installation and opening performance by the Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop.

During OFF-Biennále Budapest, Project Zone will create a video and documentary display, presenting independent art spaces from Budapest. The exhibition is based on an interactive, online archive, which was started in 2014 as a research platform for grassroots, non-profit art initiatives. The continuously growing database maps the appearance, or disappearance of so-called project spaces from 1989 up until today. The overview of the last 25 years will be experienced through the exhibition design as well as opening performance of Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop.

Project spaces are civil initatives operating without the regular support of state institutions or the income from commercial strategies. They might appear in form of artist run galleries, in private apartments, studios, or even grocery shops turned into after-hour presentation interfaces. Given their non-profit engagement, their position remains precarious; they are nevertheless places for progressive artistic production and presentation. We may call them “temporary autonomous zones” able to demonstrate an artistic approach complementary or even critical towards the prevailing art institutional focus.

Thus, the aim of Project Zone is to develope a userfriendly, collective platform, which on the one hand emphasizes the importance of Budapest-based project spaces, while on the other hand introduces their activity to a wider audience.