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OFFSETTING can be perceived as a journey on the borders of a spectrum of media and genres – painting, offset printing, film and photography. Gábor Kristóf maps and challenges the boundaries of classical painting with a focus on the prevailing conditions and specificities of image making.

Opening hours: 20 May-24 June, Tue-Fri: 14:00-20:00; Sat: 12:00-18:00
Date and time of the opening: 20 May, 19:00

The opening exhibition of Horizont Gallery // solo show of Gábor Kristóf

The opening exhibition of Horizont Gallery showcases his newest works created by freezing and exploiting the nature and the technical particularities of offset printing. The functionless, scrap printing plates and blankets that are transplanted from their original environment to the gallery space are in fact spin-offs of the process of creating hundreds of thousands of prints (newspapers, book, posters among others). Kristóf condenses found objects and scenes into images, therefore his artistic practice and attitude bears more resemblance to the act of appropriation than to classical painting.

The protagonist of the exhibition is, undeniably, the image: the self-reflexive image that persistently transfigures itself between genres and media, changes its reputation, value and its degree of accessibility (in terms of theorist David Joselit – transitivity of images). Although the primary message of the works on display is not the commonplace that we are surrounded by a steadily growing number of images but rather, they draw our attention to the fact that there is still a lot more beyond the image-making industry determining our knowledge about the world.

Organizer: Horizont Galéria

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