28.09 2:00 am

Noise Gallery

OFF-opening event

Venue: Impostor
1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 17.

The starting point of Noise Gallery is live music as a rite or performance. In the frame of a usual opening event, its goal is to push the participants towards a party or a meditative situation with short concerts, to reinforce the sense of community. As OFF-Biennale is itself a community in the art life of Budapest, the invited performers would also reflect this spirit in their relation with visual arts. The emphasis is not on the popularity of these groups, who would fill a place with audience, but on the manifestation of an auditive performance as a genre in the spaces of contemporary art. The first Noise Gallery is realized in the frame of the OFF-Biennale 2017 opening as a musical event.

Many students and graduates from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design do pursue musical activities. Noise Gallery reflects on this phenomenon with programs presenting three bands that will perform live music during the opening event.

Participating artists: Miklós Erhardt; Gustave Tiger; TPSRPRT

Participating curators:

Szervező: Gutema Dávid