Event Exhibition


Mirroring Baku

The focus of the project, consisting of a photo exhibition and a film/sound montage is Azerbaijan, a country seen as controversial by many Hungarians, and its capital, Baku.

Venue: Nemdebár
Address: 1024 Budapest, Széll Kálmán tér 5.

Opening: május 19. 20.00

The MOB group visited Azerbaijan in February 2014 to explore  reality in this post-Soviet state today. The outcome of this trip to Baku is a material that has been photographed and shot from many perspectives, which tries to explore the polarization of a society and the way in which a secularized but Islam state in the Caucasus seeks to display an identity that follows European values.

Since the 18th century Baku has been of Russian interest but after the discovery of oil in the 19th century, the presence of European investors have defined the city’s development.

Following the establishment of the Soviet state, the urbanistic and industrial breakthrough was evidenced by a symbolic performance in 1922, when the Russian avant-garde composer, Arseny Avraamov, organised in the city port a monumental noise concert, “Symphony of factory sirens”. The significance of the piece – a reconstructed version of which was used by MOB – has not been adequately appreciated in the history of music.

Organising insitution: Nemdebár