21.10 2:00 am
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Carefree Exercises III. - Enjoy, Meanwhile I'm Working

fake healing performance

Venue: Patyolat
1082 Budapest, Baross u. 85.

You can relax, be alone, go away, join, relive some experiences or you can find yourself in an intimate situation. Meanwhile you only have to trust and relax. It’s like a holiday but it only takes ten minutes.  

„After graduating from the Contemporary Dance Academy, I had a lot of jobs. I worked in bars, I even did the cleaning up, I realized my own performances and took part in productions created by others. Currently I’m working as a waiter and besides that, I’m trying to make space to my creative energies. Lately I recognized that I make others happy while I’m working – that can be either dancing or barkeeping. Sometimes I’m exhausted, and I have a massage or I go to the spa, so I feel I care about myself too. Sometimes in these places I think about how many people are working for my pleasure. From these situations I collected small things that make me feel good and relaxed. I would like to share them with you.” – Viktor Szeri 

Viktor Szeri met Keith Henessy this year during the international Impulstanz DanceWeb2017 program in Vienna. Henessy’s course was about experimenting with the method called „fake-healing”. On the 21st of October Szeri invites the participants for a ten minutes long healing.

Participating artists: Viktor Szeri

Participating curators: Andrea Soós; Gyula Muskolvics

Registration (Max 13 participants): 1. Please sign up here:https://doodle.com/poll/q363wpm26ugbghry

2. Send an e-mail with the date to this e-mail address: viktorszeri@gmail.com
3. Please arrive promptly!

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