DIY workshop: Thematic photo examination + mold and rust making workshop with Balázs Máté Tóth


15.05 3:00 pm

Participating artists: Balázs Máté Tóth

Magyar nyelven (igény esetén angolul is) / in Hungarian (also in English for request)

15.00 és 17.00

Maximális létszám: 2 x 10 fő 

Részvételi szándékát a címen jelezze.

During the workshop, we will examine the most visible maintenance problems of living spaces, processes of mold formation or amortisation. Then, turning our observation into practice, we will experiment with the visual reconstruction of mould and rust to help residents of households whose living conditions do not facilitate this on their own.


The workshop explores the differences between households with or without public services by incorporating the individual experiences of the participants. Using artistic methods, the workshop examines everyday practices as well as the stereotypical visual interpretations related to poverty that characterises mass media communication, and attempts to find alternative ways of approaching, portraying and dealing with the situation.