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Igor Metropol

Claire Waffel: Kommerz was yesterday – Igor Metropol

The location-specific, audio-visual performance of Claire Waffel investigates the connection between architecture, ideology and history through the example of a special public site in Budapest, the former Corvin Department Store. A parallel collage exhibition will be on show by the artist from Berlin.

CLAIRE WAFFEL’S installation/performance works with a public site in Budapest unravelling its past, deconstructing its current state and placing it in a current consumer context. Corvin Department Store, a renowned building on Blaha Lujza tér that originally used to be admired for technical innovations and its beautiful architecture in the 1920s. In addition to desirable consumer products, different cultural events such as art exhibitions added to the attractiveness of the store. 90 years later the building has completely changed its appearance. An annexed façade, now multi-usage, it speaks of urban development and decay. Waffel's performance/installation is linked to former projects, where she has worked with architecture and historical memory.

"Kommerz was yesterday" is a performance consisting of visuals and audio, fragmenting and stripping away structures and layers. Her subtractions reveal histories, allow for openings, liminal spaces and transform the architecture into an act of communication.