Event When Art(ist) Speaks

Átrium Mozi

The loser

The performance consists of sung confessions performed by two soloists and a choir.

The loser

2012­2015; 45 mins

The performance consists of sung confessions performed by two soloists and a choir. The librettos convey the struggles and the internal dialogues of the failed politician and the failed banker, interpreted by the soloists in the form of improvised melodies. The internal dialogue takes place between the failed person and his conscience, represented by a male executive and his secretary. As a counterpoint to the leaders, the masses ­ the choir ­ provide a self­analysis by the compromising citizen and by the naive revolutionist in the form of vocal self introductions. The representatives of different currently typical social statuses finally end up in the same boat: they all become losers.

The soloists therefore perform the confessions of the leaders, whose passions are different; still, they are linked by the common journey they take: an initial enthusiasm and the sense of commitment, going through struggle and then experiencing power, ignoring responsibility, believing in ideologies and gradually losing that belief, and finally, failure. The choir represents the masses who are either well controlled of are trying to escape from control. The performance is framed by the relationship between the individual and the masses. Rather than the opposition of the different ideologies, it is the contradictions within the ideologies themselves as well as individual versus shared responsibility that are addressed through the random examples of leaders and masses. The first version of the piece was staged in Berlin, in the conference hall of Collegium Hungaricum. The performance is staged in Hungarian in Átrium Filmszínház, as part of the event

When Art(ist) Speak(s). Performed by Andrea Csereklyei (soprano), Kornél Mikecz (baritone) and Soharóza choir.

The lyrics of the piece are made up of various texts, partly found and quoted, adapted and complemented (edited and rhytmic adaptations of monologues and confessions). References: ‘A cinkos’ (The Accomplice) by György Konrád; Statement by Josef Ackermann (former Chief Executive of Deutsche Bank) on 2nd April 2009.

An online extract from the video version of the performance (Berlin, 2012):


Photo: Jan­Gunnar Franke, Performance, CHB – Balassi Institute Berlin, 2012