12:00 am

Blind Tennis with Rice

Venue: Dynamo Bike & Bake
1053 Budapest, Képíró utca 6.

Venue: UMRAUM (virtual venue)

Following Kamilla Szij’s, Rice grain drawings exhibition, we decided to carry on working with rice. This time, together and again in UMRAUM. Following a few simple rules, we exchange ideas between Budapest and Berlin, the places where we live, via e-mail in the course of a few weeks.

Our tools are, a racket-like kitchen tool, grains of rice, a camera.

One of us makes up a task. The description of the task can include three words, the first one is a figure (the number of the grains of rice in the task), the second one is always “rice,” the third one is an optional concept.

One of the participants takes a photograph to accompany the task. Then he/she sends the three words without the photograph to the other participant.

When the other participant receives the task, he/she takes a photograph based on the three words of the task. Then, the second participant makes up another task and sends it to the first one. This is going on in several weeks. The photographs can be seen only at the end of the process when we exhibit them.

UMRAUM is a virtual exhibition space. It is also a physical space in variable scales. Its mission is to set up exhibitions and displaying projects that investigate the relations of different dimensions, projects that work on the border of real and virtual, and that cannot be carried out within traditional frames.

Participating artists: Zoltán Lábas; Szíj, Kamilla

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