28.09- 27.10

The Artwork of the (2nd) Week, OFF-Biennale edition

A series of discussions about the projects of OFF-Biennale

The Artwork of the (2nd) Week creates an empty frame which will be filled by the events organized within the OFF-Biennale: workshop and exhibition discussions will provide a glimpse behind the scenes of the projects, as well as space for dialogue between the creators and the audience.

In 2001, the Little Warsaw collective started a project entitled The Artwork of the Week. At the initiative of the FKSE (Studio of Young Artists’ Foundation), six students of art theory at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts gained the opportunity to continue the project. The Artwork of the (2nd) Week is an intellectual workshop founded on intensive, shared thinking, at the center of which stands the artwork itself. Beyond the discussions they ensure active online attendance so that as many people as possible can reach a single site. They are starting a vlog channel where they will host interviews with participating curators and artists, and through Instagram they will share information about as many of the events as possible.

organizing institution: SYAA - The Artwork of the (2nd) Week

Curators: Lili Hitka, Zsófia Kormos, Lia Lőrinczy, Dániel Helyes, Dénes Peták, Barnabás Zemlényi

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The Artwork of the (2nd) Week, Flying Kayak - 07.10 5:00 pm
The Artwork of the (2nd) Week, Forecasting a Broken Past - 28.09 5:00 pm
The Artwork of the (2nd) Week, Stranger in the Middle of Nowhere - 25.10 7:00 pm
The Artwork of the (2nd) Week, Vanishing Points 2.0 - 21.10 7:00 pm