19.10- 24.10
Gaudiopolis workshop

Mathemorphosis I. - Common Knowledge

Investigation and Drama in Mathematics

Venue: ART BUDA Alkotóműhely
1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 2.

Why do we have to say, “I’m sorry, it was my fault”, even if everyone is well aware of it? How are extremist views able to dominate an entire nation? How do dictatorships function? Why is freedom of the press important? What exactly makes people take part in a demonstration? What makes money valuable? What turns a smart student into a “nerd”? What makes a thriller really good? And why do we invite someone over “to watch a movie” after a few dates?

Become a PI in Mathematics - workshop for junior high and high school students. We will also prepare geometric sandwiches and write punk-lyrics. In Hungarian.

The workshop is a related program of Mathemorphosis: Common knowledge.

The program will be led by Gergő Pintér and drama pedagogues.

Suggested age group: 10-18 years old

Date: October 19 OR 14, 2017

dőpont: 2017. október 19. vagy 24.

Duration: 1,5-2 hours

For 15-20 participants.

Please register at edukacio@offbiennale.hu.

Further information: Szilvia Silye, e-mail: szylviasilye@gmail.com

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