24.04- 08.05

Creativity and Visuality (1975-1977, 2015)

Venue: 2B Gallery
1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 47.

Open: 12–4 p.m. Tuesday to Thursday, 2–6 p.m. Friday 24 April – 8 May

Opening: 24 April   

The Creative Exercises (led by Miklós Erdély and Dóra Maurer, with the assistance of György Galántai), held in 1975, 1976 and 1977 in the Ganz-MÁVAG Cultural Centre (Ganz-MÁVAG Kulturális Központ), and the drawing courses that were also held here by Dóra Maurer constituted significant developments in alternative artistic instruction in Hungary, the eects of which may still be discernible today. The courses, which were entitled “Creativity and Visuality,” were presented in the summer of 1976 in the Józsefváros Exhibition Hall (Józsefvárosi Kiállítóterem), where, for the length of the Exhibition, creative activities were organized under the guidance of the leaders of the Exercises, as well as members of the New Music Studio (Új Zenei Stúdió).

The exhibition in the 2B Gallery (2B Galéria) follows to some extent the structure of the 1976 Exhibition. In the hall, where the surviving drawings, photographs, documentations, and film recordings that were made in the course of the creative activities are on display, alongside a survey of the historical implications of the Creative Exercises and the drawing courses, there is, within the framework of continuous programs, also an inquiry into the historical, theoretical, and current meanings of the concept of creativity.

The exhibition draws on the series entitled Patterns Lectures, which is held between 2014 and 2016 in the Institute of Art History at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. The theme of the Lectures is the organizational activity of art historian László Beke and artist Dóra Maurer in the 1970s. Thus, we regard the artistic instruction that was taking place in Ganz in a larger context as an alternative form of artistic activity and an alternative approach to the organization of the contemporary art world within the institutional system of Socialism.

/Translated by Eszter Krakkó/

Participating artists: Miklós Erdély (Budapest, 1928–Budapest, 1986);  Dóra Maurer (1937, Budapest) lives and work in Budapest.
Organizers: art historians Judit Király and Réka Majsai, and Annamária Szőke art historian and coordinator of the exhibition. Assistant: Flóra Barkóczi art historian. 
Special thanks to Dóra Papp.

Organiser: 2B Gallery, C³ Center for Culture and Communication Foundation, Miklós Erdély Foundation

More information:

Participating artists: Erdély Miklós; Maurer, Dóra

Organizers: art historians Judit Király, Réka Majsai and Annamária Szőke. Assistant: Flóra Barkóczi art historian.