8:00 pm

Event type: Discussion, online Knowledge sharing, community generation

Date: continuously built online database and a one-night event

Event Night: 28 May 2015, 20.00-22.00

Online database opening: 24 April 2015, 15.00

This project’s aim, by using documentary tools, is to create not only a documentary, but an online database that deals with the issues of civil initiatives and organizations. Thereafter, its goal is also to implement a mobile community space, which through repositioning of culture and art, brings and sticks together social groups working on restoring civil society and democratic public life.

“Harmadik szektor” is long-run research on the history, motivations, techniques and experiences of three Hungarian community initiative (Auróra, Gólya Közösségi Ház és Presszó, OFF-Biennále Budapest) with the intent to share their knowledge and effectuate a new cultural paradigm. The main issues raised by the sector: How can democratic operation be realized on micro-level and what type of hierarchy systems they bring to life? What community concept is able to hold together a self-organizing community and how to ensure real participation? How closed are these communities and what are the possible means to open up their activity? How long and how

can volunteering energies be maintained, which provides the base for civil activities? What standpoints characterise the grass root initiatives’ relationships to party politics? What are the initiatives’ most important theoretical problems at the moment?

Participants: Ádám Albert, Anna Balázs, Gábor Erlich, Dóri Ferenczy, David Karas, Szabolcs KissPál, Partizan Architecture, Adrienn Zubek

Collaborators: Auróra, Gólya Közösségi Ház és Presszó, OFF-Biennále Budapest, Gáspár Miklós Tamás, Tessza Udvarhelyi, Katalin Timár, Stúdió K, Dávid Gutema, Dávid Mikulán, László Ruszty, Ferenc Zámbó, Tamás Szabó

Organizing institution: Harmadik Szektor

Related programs: Kettős Mérce (www.kettosmerce.blog.hu), 0m2 (www.0m2.hu), nemma (www.nemma.noblogs.org)

More information: www.harmadikszektor.hu

Ádám Albert (1975, Veszprém), lives and works in Budapest, www.albertadam.hu
Anna Balázs (1988, Békéscsaba), lives and works in Budapest
Gábor Erlich (1986, Siófok), lives and works in Budapest
Dóri Ferenczy (1990, Budapest), lives and works in Berlin and Budapest
Partizan Architecture (2013, Budapest): Gergely Hory (1989, Debrecen), Zoltán Major (1988, Debrecen), Péter Müllner (1988, Esztergom) – all live and work in Budapesthttp://partizandesign.hu , fb.com/partizanarchitecture
David Karas (1987, Nürnberg – D), lives and works in Budapest, http://0m2.hu/ , http://karasdavid.blogspot.hu
Szabolcs KissPál (1967, Tirgu Mures – RO), lives and works in Budapest, http://www.intermedia.c3.hu/~kspal/index.htm ,http://nemma.noblogs.org/
Adrienn Zubek (1975, Körmend), lives and works in Budapest