22.05- 23.05

Fierce in Eastern-Europe

Venue: Anker't
Paulay u 33., Budapest, 1061

The one-evening project uses a film to apply critique to classic gender and national stereotypes. The film was made in the summer of 2012 with Ms. Pepper Pepper, a drag queen i.e. transvestite, from Portland.

The short film, Fierce in Eastern Europe, shot at the MS Beat art festival in Chemnitz, takes viewers on night tours in Budapest and Chemnitz through Pepper’s performances. The film allows a trip-like tour into Pepper’s world, zigzagging between the critique of gender roles and the essence of the Eastern European quality. Following the screening, the film’s milieu will then materialize in the physical reality of the audience through a performance of Sissy Strapon as a running up to the party consummating the evening: a drag show mixed with a language class, castrating the phenomenon of bullying.

Participating artists: Ms. Pepper Pepper; Sissy Strapon; Brückner, János; Máté Fillér

Curator, producer: János Brückner