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Event OFF-Budapest

Dunaújváros – Bus Trip to the Realized Utopia

All-day art history guided walk

Venue: Dunaújváros
Dunaújváros, all around the city

Two years ago, the Artmagazin left Budapest behind, and visited Miskolc, to guide participants through mosaics by Miklós Erdély, architectural curiosities, active and legendary cultural locations, and to do pull-ups at an evening vernissage.

On October 7, a Saturday during the second edition of OFF-Biennale, we take a bus to follow the Danube as far as Dunaújváros, straight to the Egyptian temple-like entrance of the Dunai Vasmű Power Plant.

It will be interesting to discover what’s behind those gates, and what’s left from the city center that was conceived in 1949, and erected in two years’ time. Although the entire city was but a state-controlled utopia, it did offer great opportunities and some freedom for the Modernist architecture of the time.

What imagined model defined life there at the time? How significant was the role of voluntary activities, what standard did that provide for children’s lifestyles? What allowed for free decisions, and how did a structure—intended to be optimized—provide regulations for activities associated with transportation, education, leisure, and eating? How is present life affected by this late utopia? How does time curb the neatly ordered cityscape to fit novel circumstances?

How is an artist’s thinking or career affected by the manufactured environment? What changes did the Dunaújváros art scene go through? How was the famous sculpture park—a subject in two previous issues of Artmagazin—realized? These are what we are going to investigate on site, with the help of Annamária Nagy, who works at ICA-D, and Branczik Márta, architectural historian, curator of popular-scientific exhibitions presenting modern homes and experimental housing blocks.

The trip is organized on the occasion of OFF-Biennale 2 (Gaudiopolis 2017 – City of Joy) and ARTMAGAZIN100.

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Meanwhile, this is what Artmagazin's all-day art history guided walk looked like in Miskolc:

Organizing institution: Artmagazin, http://artmagazin.hu/

The programme is in Hungarian.
Cost: 5.000 HUF, Please register:

Annamária Nagy (art historian), Márta Branczik (architecture historian)

Organizer: Artmagazin

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