24.04- 15.05


Venue: Vintage Gallery
1053 Budapest, Magyar u. 26.

The exhibition presenting the works of Dóra Maurer’s painting and drawings provides an insight into the past fifteen years of a key figure of Hungarian contemporary art.

“Shifting and movement are more than a principle, they are work hypothesis. They continue to be essential up to today. If things get over-complicated, then I retreat to them and calm down. In 1972 I drew the shifting of figure series onto each other, step by step, which at the time – having stepped out of drawing after nature and the accumulation of meanings – I felt bold and alien. Then it began to have a taste and for years I had been absorbed in an elementary shifting of forms and the process of embodiment from the system principle.

In the course of necessary changes, what was before divided into 100 vertical units then had 50, later 20 horizontal ones, I switched from the horizontal plane to curved, even spherical surfaces, colours started to speak and became more complicated.

For fifteen years I have been experimenting with the interrelations of shapes and colours: first I interlaced spherical surfaces, then intersected rigid and bent surfaces. What we have here is balanced models of mutuality, which engender transparency.” (Dóra Maurer)