Past programs

21.10- 23.10
Exhibition OFF-Budapest


Nagykanizsa, Second-Hand Gallery (Nagykanizsa)

Art Wall project creators

Organizers: László (Lafu) Ladány and Syporca Whandal
Workshop – cooperative exhibition and guerrilla action at the Second-Hand Gallery of Nagykanizsa and the Hazai Fésűsfonó és Szövőgyár in Budapest.
9:00 am
Event OFF-Budapest

Dunaújváros – Bus Trip to the Realized Utopia

Dunaújváros (Dunaújváros, all around the city)

Organizer: Artmagazin
Two years ago, during the first OFF-Biennale, the Artmagazin left for Miskolc; this year, the destination is Dunaújváros. Although the Dunai Vasmű Power Plant and the city itself were but parts of a controlled utopia, they did offer great opportunities and some freedom to the Modernist architecture of the time. What imagined model defined life there at the time? How significant was the role of voluntary activities, and what standard did that provide for children’s lifestyles? How is present life affected by this late utopia?
06.10- 05.11
Exhibition OFF-Budapest

ALTERNATIVES. A cultural-community experiment

Arkt Művészeti Ellátó (3300 Eger, Gárdonyi kert, Gárdonyi Géza u. 28.)

Bukta, Imre; Fejes, Adrienn; Fekete, Valér; Rostás, Bea Piros; Sarkadi, Péter; Tóth, Zsuzsanna

Curators: Gábor Fábián, Erna Gergelyi
How can a creative group in today’s world find a place for refreshing architectural and artistic pastime in a small Hungarian town of Eger’s scale, characterized by general (and also cultural) emigration?
 Only if they create a suitable environment for themselves. The exhibition examines those artists both young and old who have local roots (relationships) and have had a significant impact on cultural life. This includes both those artists who emigrated from Hungary and those who remained, as well as the role they played in improving the community and Hungarian society.
29.09- 05.10
Exhibition OFF-Budapest
An exhibition painting a rather non-paradisal vision of the future is opening in the gallery level of the "Reggeli" in Pécs. The exhibition is organized on the Berlin-Leipzig-Toronto-Budapest axis, most of the artists live and work abroad, their art reflects on local and global problems. The exhibition is accompanied by a music and literary program.