An international contemporary art event, OFF-Biennale Budapest is the largest civil, independent arts initiative in Hungary. Organized on a grassroots basis, OFF-Biennale is based on self-organization and a voluntary collaboration of artists, groups of artists, curators, gallerists, and collectors, among others. More >


The city of joy

September 29 – November 5, 2017

Today's program highlights

27.09- 28.10
Forecasting Nicoline Van Harskamp Your S In Solidarity 2012 Production Still From The Gathering

Forecasting a Broken Past

How should we build better communities for the future? The political vocabularies of past times have emptied out, their meanings changed, and their ability to help in this mission has been exhausted. The notions of Communism, community, civil society, participation, sustainability and the “better future” have been successively desecrated, becoming so corrupted that now they are nearly useless. How would we be able to proceed from here?
28.09- 27.10
 2 Het Mutargya Sajohoz

The Artwork of the (2nd) Week, OFF-Biennale edition

The Artwork of the Week was a series of discussions organized previously by the Little Warsaw collective. The Artwork of the (2nd) Week is this project’s continuation, incorporating the fresh approaches and perspectives of a new generation. Workshop and exhibition discussions will provide insight into the backgrounds of OFF’s participating projects, as well as space for dialogue between the creators and audiences.